Pay cards using cryptocurrencies

The Little Bandit now looks favorably on cryptocurrencies. If you are designing your own cards in the Little Bandit Games Card Generator, then now you can choose if you want to pay for them with cryptocurrencies. This is possible thanks to the fact that we have added Coinbase Commerce as a payment method, thinking of those who have difficulty paying with the other payment methods and do not know what to do with their crypto wallet overflowing with coins. And so they do not have to stay with the desire to download that brand new cardboard design generated with the brightness of their minds.

In the following video we show you how the process would be to pay with cryptocurrencies in the Card Generator.

Patterns of Bingo 75; do you need some ideas?

Adding variety to the patterns of Bingo 75 makes the bingo game stay entertaining. There are an infinite number of bingo patterns designed in different shapes, letters or themes and they are the ones that determine if a card has been a winner in a bingo game. Players must stay focused and keep in mind, at all times, which is the winning pattern, to know when they have won the game. People also have their favorite patterns. Sometimes they  believe that a certain pattern brings them luck or that they have more success when a particular one is played.

Basically there are three types of patterns; Static or standard, crazy and wild. Static or standard bingo patterns are those that cannot be shifted. A player has to mark the entire pattern before they are declared the winner; Crazy bingo patterns can be rotated in increments of 90° on the board; Wild bingo patterns are scattered. The actual pattern remains the same, but it can be anywhere on the board.

Bingo Set has a pattern designer for patterns of Bingo 75 mode with which you can design your own patterns and thus add difficulty and variety to your bingo games. Here is a gallery with some ideas of pattern designs, we hope you find them useful.

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