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We regret this inconvenience! There does seem to be a problem with the Google Play Store showing this message incorrectly. To solve that, you can clear the cache of the Google Play Store:

  • Go into your Settings → Apps screen and select Google Play.
  • Press the Clear Cache button.
  • Turn off your device and restart it.

If that doesn’t help, please mail us at and tell us what sort of device you have.

We are aware of this warning from Google Play Store on some tablets, however, we have made several tests of the game without inconvenience on these devices. Anyway if you have problems, please mail us at and we will investigate.

Check the Android version on your device, Google Cast requires Android 4.4+. If you have the Android version required but the Cast button still doesn’t appear, then maybe you should update Google Play Services.

We regret this inconvenience! There are factors that come into play such as the power of the device or the quality of the connection between the device and the Chromecast, Google also says something about it:

These devices have been tested to work best with Google Cast. Other Android devices might not have the necessary power to provide an optimized Google Cast experience.

To try to help you, mail us at and tell us what kind of device you have.

We regret this inconvenience! Only some Smart TV references integrate Google Cast technology for remote display. The following brands have Smart TV references that support Google Cast:

  • Sony
  • Vizio
  • Toshiba
  • Sharp
  • Insignia

To stream the bingo board to a Smart TV without support for Google Cast, we suggest using the screen mirroring technology that some offer, or as much as possible, use a Chromecast device to have the cast button provided by the game.

We regret this inconvenience! Although we take care of doing exhaustive tests before making each update, the game is not excempt of crashes due to the wide variety of devices on the market that run Android, so the behavior of the game is not always the same on each device.

To try to help you, mail us at specifying as much as possible the brand and reference of the device and the version of Android installed.


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