BINGO on PC using an emulator

BINGO on the PC? Sometimes the need arises to use an automatic bingo caller that is displayed on a screen larger than that of a cell phone and that reproduces the voice that calls the ballots on a more powerful sound system. A computer can be used to meet this need, in case of not being able to have other alternatives such as Android TV, Fire TV, Chromecast, etc.

Since the solutions we offer do not have a version for personal computers, then we are obliged to write a quick guide so that users can run these solutions on personal computers. The only way this is possible is by using emulators. An emulator is a computer program used to simulate mobile devices without the need for physical devices. The emulator tries to make most of the functionalities that a real mobile device has at the user’s fingertips.

So that you can install a BINGO on the PC, the solutions we offer are Bingo Validator and Bingo Set, two applications for mobile devices that can be installed on an emulator and, therefore, work on a computer.

The steps to follow to achieve the objective of this guide are:

  1. Install an emulator on the computer.
  2. Install Google Text To Speech in the emulator, so that the voice of the bolillero is reproduced.
  3. Install Bingo Validator or Bingo Set in the emulator.

Install BINGO emulator on PC

The emulator that we suggest using in this guide is the one from Bluestacks, which is one of the most popular and comfortable emulators to use on Windows and Mac operating systems. The Bluestacks support page has a guide to download and install the emulator, we recommend that you follow the instructions in that guide by clicking here.

Install Google Text To Speech

Once the emulator is installed and having already logged into the Google Play Store with our Google account, we will proceed to install the Google Text to Speech service. This service allows you to hear the voice that sings the ballots when they are taken out of the ballot box.

In the Google Play Store search engine write “Google Text to Speech” and select “Google speech synthesis”

Search Google Text  To Speech

We press the “Install” button.

Install Google Text  To Speech

Install Bingo Validator

Bingo Validator shows you the winning tickets. Bingo Validator is a variant of Bingo Set with which it is possible to validate which cards, of a certain series, have completed the BINGO patterns that have been configured for the current game. You only need to enter the identifier of a series of cards that has been generated with The Card Generator.

The installation of Bingo Validator is carried out in a different way, since first you have to download the installer file from our servers on the computer where you have the emulator. After that, all you have to do is drag the downloaded file onto the emulator and that’s it.

Download the installer file by clicking here.

Download Bingo Validator

Locate the downloaded file on your computer.

Find Bingo Validator APK

Drag the installer file from the file explorer to the Bluestacks emulator and drop it.

Drag and Drop Bingo Validator APK over Bluestacks

In the “My games” tab of the emulator, Bingo Validator should appear in the installation process.

Bingo Validator beeing installed

When Bingo Validator is finished installing, you just double click on it and the application should run for your enjoyment.

Bingo Validator, home screen

Install Bingo Set on PC (optional)

Optionally, you can install Bingo Set, which is a solution similar to Bingo Validator with the only difference that Bingo Set allows you to use virtual cards, but it does not allow you to associate series of cards to a BINGO game.

In the Google Play Store search engine write “Bingo Set”. Select Bingo Set to install it on Bluestacks and press the “Install” button.

Install Bingo Set

When the installation of Bingo Set has finished, we press the “Open” button, then we will see the app load and, later, its initial menu, where we can choose one of the two types of BINGO with which we will begin to organize our game.

Bingo Set home screen

After choosing the type of BINGO we will tap on the “Board” option.

Bingo Set, Roles

To start a BINGO game we must choose at least one pattern that can be won in the BINGO game. After selecting the desired patterns, press the button with the arrow pointing to the right to start the game.

Bingo Set, Patterns

If a window appears asking for permission to use Bluetooth, then we will cancel.

Deny bluetotth access

And voila, we can start the game from the computer.

Start a bingo  match

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