Bingo caller; who else could be the soul of the party?

Anyone who has played bingo knows how important a bingo caller is. Not only is he who takes the ballots and sings their numbers so that the participants of the game can mark them on their cards; He is a host with certain skills, responsibilities and charms that allow him to take forward each bingo game, awakening confidence, comfort and conformity between the different participants, even when the games get to go through moments of stress. Bingo Set has two game modes in which it seeks to automate some of these features, serving as support for the person who will organize a bingo game.

game options
Roles selection

When selecting the Board option, the user takes the first step to become the host of a bingo game and, therefore, the master of ceremonies of an apotheosis event. Then the user must select the winning patterns that must be completed by the participants of the game. If the bingo game has started to be configured in the Bingo 75 format then the aspiring host can unleash his creativity and design patterns that take the game out of monotony.

The bingo caller will have available controls that allow him, among other things, to initiate automatic or manual ballot extraction; establish settings such as the speed of ballot extraction, the on or off of the voice that sings the extracted ballots, the language of the texts and the voice, the mode of extraction (automatic or manual); the display of the numbers marked on the master board and the validation of patterns with other devices using Bluetooth technology.

If the user selects the Board + Cards option, they are not only choosing to host, but they are also choosing to be one more player in the bingo game, which gives them the possibility to choose the cards with which to participate. In addition, as host and player, they can also validate their own completed patterns.

In the end, the bingo caller has aids that allow him to condition the game to the requirements, needs or tastes of the other participants of the game, which translates into everyone’s enjoyment.


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