Bingo Set

Bingo Set is the traditional bingo game to have fun with family and friends at home. Bingo Set is now available on mobile devices, tablets and tvs to offer a great gaming experience using new technologies.

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  • Offers the most popular bingo variations, 75 ball bingo and 90 ball bingo.
  • You can choose between 3 game profiles so that no one in the family is left without playing:
    • Board Profile: With your device you will act as the Bingo host, having access to the game controls to manage the bingo game.
      • The device works as a bingo cage and bingo caller for Bingo games at home.
      • The bingo board can be streamed to the TV via Chromecast.
      • Amazon Fire TV and Android TV devices come exclusively with the Board profile.
      • There are pre configured patterns to play in Bingo 75 and Bingo 90.
      • It has a pattern editor for Bingo 75, in which you can create different possible ways to win bingo games.
    • Cards Profile: You participate as a player in the bingo game.
      • You can easily choose the Bingo cards; there is the manual selection and the random selection by cards quantity.
      • Bingo cards can be checked via Bluetooth.
    • Board + Cards Profile: You will be the game host, but you can also participate with bingo cards.
  • The calling speed of balls is configurable.
  • Your device can call the balls in different languages (English, Español, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Português & Русский).